Sharon Luff

I am a Personal Fitness and a successful Pilates Rehabilitation Trainer with more than 17 years experience in the Fitness Industry and am also qualified as a Body Talk Practitioner,  
Reiki Practitioner and now a practising Cognitive Behavioural Therapist.
My field of interest has also seen me working as a freelance Sports Journalist, having written
for well known Men's and Women's health publications. My love for the Fitness and Health
industry has had me travelling and working in South Africa, Abu Dhabi and now in the United Kingdom. 
Helping people find their balance in life is my passion. 
"Sharon has been brilliant. She identified my problem with my shoulder and within
about six weeks had given me full movement back again Thank you so much" -John Lambert 
" Sharon is a perceptive and skilled practitioner who has helped get rid of the chronic pain in
my arthritic hip".  - Debbie Malin 
" I had been involved in an accident in August 2012 which resulted in 2 years of shoulder
surgery and I no longer used my right arm.  I no longer have an injured shoulder and I now
live a completely “normal” life and am able to play all sports. I cannot thank Sharon enough
for turning my life around. Her knowledge of rehabilitation, along with her caring nature made
my road to recovery much easier than I could have ever imagined. " - Lisa Pritchett
"I had pretty much given up being able to get back into the gym and train.  Sharon was
invaluable in my recovery and showed that it was possible to exercise with no pain, forever
patient and encouraging, I cannot recommend her enough as a personal trainer."
- Beth Laurents
"Yippee, daily living and swimming without pain or restriction! Thank You! "-  Caryl Barrowclliffe
"Training with Sharon was one of the best decisions I've made. I came to her with lower back pain
that was immobilizing me and within weeks she had me mobile again. Her expertise and
knowledge are paramount and I can't emphasize how much she has changed my life!"
- Khadija Atcha